Retail Shop

We have a fully stocked retail section with local meat. All our beef comes from a local ranch North of Elizabeth, our pork is from Limon, and our lamb is from Elizabeth.  The only product we do not process in house is chicken, which comes from Red Bird Farms.  All our meat is antibiotic, steroid, and hormone free. The majority of our beef is grain finished, but we do have a selection of grass-fed beef as well. Whole, half, and quarters of beef as well as whole and half hogs are also available for sale.  If you are looking for a roaster pig, those can be supplied as well. Justin is enjoying coming up with new recipes for brats and snack sticks.  We offer several different varieties with more in the works.  Justin is also making jerky and breakfast links with a wide array of flavors.  In the retail section of the Locker Plant there is a selection of cheese from Olathe, local honey, spices, and tasty treats for your dogs as well.

Don’t have room to store all of your meat at home? No problem, we offer cold storage in our locker room.


Lobster Tail
2 filet $13.99
Mahi Mahi
2 filet $15.99
Raw p/d $12.99 Raw shell on $9.99


Whole and Half Beef
$3.95/lb on dressed weight
Quarter Beef
$4.25/lb on dressed weight
Whole Hog
Roughly $650.00 depending on the size of the hog
1/8 Beef Bundle
$415.00 for around 60lbs of meat. Several different cuts. No substitutions allowed
1/4 Hog Bundle
$150.00 for around 30lbs of meat. Several different cuts. No substitutions allowed